Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A food-filling week

Had such a fulfilling week with lots of good food! So thankful that my colleagues and boss are so hip and cool that almost everyday, even before we start work, we are planning where to eat for lunch. Hanging out with a bunch of food lovers can be quite enjoyable so be prepared to be spammed with lots of food photos on instagram and on the blog hehe! Another bonus point is that our office is just behind Boat Quay, which makes it really accessible to Chinatown, Central, Clarke Quay, where basically you can find awesome food!

Today's lunch was the most satisfying one, GOOD yet SUPER AFFORDABLE. I really mean affordable! It was a 5-course set lunch which includes: Salad, Soup, Main-course, Drinks, Dessert (Ice-cream) and we spent $12.90 NETT per pax ^^ I myself couldn't believe it too at first, too good to be true but amazingly yes, it is true. We bought this lunch deal from and the original price for the set lunch is around $15.90 I think. They have the dinner deal on the website too, at $19.90. We were all so full and satisfied after lunch to start work again haha!

Garden Salad with special sauce

Cream of Mushroom soup with a drip of Olive oil
(but rest assured that it's not oily)

Cajun BBQ Chicken with Wedges 

Vanilla Ice-cream with chocolate sauce

 Coconut Ice-cream with caramel sauce

Vintry at Royal Selangor Block 3A, River Valley Road,
#01-01 Clarke Quay,
Singapore 179020

Yesterday, we had another awesome lunch too. Sighpie, if this goes on, i'm going to gain lots of weight from all these good food, but well, when it comes to enjoying life and food, I always say: Once in a lifetime #selfcomforting. We went to Chinatown for a decent Chinese cuisine lunch because the restaurant was once our deal merchant so we get 10% off ^^ Also, ate frog legs for the first time and it was surprisingly nice, not as gruesome as I had imagined it to be. The meat is really tender and sweet. The bill came up to be $16 per pax, which is rather reasonable considering the number of dishes we had.

Crab Song
16 Smith Street
Singapore 058930

Happy midweek for me and hopefully it will be weekends soon! Heard that this Friday (31 may) is "Eat with your family" Day and that employers are supposed to end work earlier so that employees can go off to spend time with their family. Hehe apparently this practice has been on since 2003, but well am really glad that boss has agreed to let us off early woohoo!  Oh, have I also mentioned that even when I'm late every morning, I'm the earliest? Such a joy, especially to a late-bird like me! Am totally starting to love internship ^^

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