Monday, May 27, 2013

Carpenter and Cook X Wanderlust Collection

Spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the Carpenter and Cook yesterday after church with the favourite group of people. We've been bonded as a family since we were 13 years old and 9 years later, we are still growing strong. Really thankful for this group of support, be it physically, mentally, spiritually, I know that we will always be there for each other ^^ So, finally, I had the opportunity to give it a visit, after eyeing that quaint little vintage spot for million years. That's one off my cafes-to-visit list! I have this really long cafes list in my phone and I wonder how long it would take me to visit them all!

Tried their Bannaoffee tart, Lemon tartCook’s Amazing Quiche: Bacon & Onion and much raved Passionfruit Meringue Tart. They taste as good as it looks! Definitely a great hang-out place with your loved ones, especially so in the afternoon, when you just want a place to drink some tea and read some books. Especially love their pretty vintage porcelain crockery, so Elizabethan and classic. The afternoon totally felt like a day spent at Alice's wonderland. Didn't had the chance to take photos of the interior décor and arrangement, but what I personally like about the café is that everything is so vintage and unique. All the furniture in the café are actually for sale! Definitely a must-visit café for vintage lovers.

Carpenter and Cook
        19 Lorong Kilat
Wanderlust Collection is launched! Really love this collection's lookbook: and designs, that i'm intending to keep some for myself. What I really love about working on Sketch-a-Tote, is that I get to plan and design the totes, plan photoshoots and seeing the efforts made possible via the end product: photos. Looking forward to every photoshoot, with beautiful background and entertaining models :) My favourites from this collection are, Prone to wander, Be free, See the world and the Feathers in the wind.

Hardworking me has been aiming to launch a collection every week so do stay tuned for more! With internship kicking in, time spent at home has significantly decreased and I find myself waking up early in the morning, reaching home late, watching an hour of TV, managing Sketch-a-Tote and sleep. And the cycle goes on. Sighpie, the working life can be quite draining and torturous. Honestly, I am actually looking forward to Year 3, back to school studying, instead of slogging at work from 9-6pm. Nevertheless, still thankful for this 3-months "break" where my mind can be free from studies ^^

Took the opportunity to take some profile-picture-worthy photos hahaha, but was in a very casual outfit so meh. #Lifeofaphotographer, unlike the models, who get to dress up nicely haha!

May the week ZOOM past like right now! Happy Monday! :)

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