Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thoughts that count: Faraway dreams

When was the last time you dreamt of doing something big? Something that you like, something you are excited about every morning you wake up? Dreamers are often associated with words like "unrealistic", "naïve". Well, indeed they are true. Dreams are dangerous; they are something that are often outside of our comfort zones, something that are far from our reach. Anyone can be a dreamer, but if you want to be successful one, you've got to do more than dreaming. Dreams and hopes can only bring you far IF and only if you're willing to go that extra mile that no one around you is willing to.

Well, by 27 July 2013, Sketch-a-Tote will be entering it's 1st Anniversary. Frankly speaking, I didn't expect it to come this far. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful to all who have made Sketch-a-Tote possible and still going strong today. Thankful for all the friends who have provided encouragements and suggestions, sweet customers who have dropped words of gratitude and praises into our emails, and many more who made Sketch-a-Tote who she is today.

Sketch-a-Tote started off humbly last July due to the simple belief in handmade and unique goods. Being a great fan of canvas tote bags, I went everywhere with canvas totes. I truly believe that there is more to canvas totes than just something casual. With this thought, I started doodling on my own tote bags one night. And at the time, it was the peak-blogshop period where everyone was almost plunging into starting clothing blogshops. I too had wanted to own my personal blogshop, but due to the fact that there were too many clothing blogshops around, I thought it wasn't wise to dive into it. It was then, that I thought of starting Sketch-a-Tote.

Though, along the way, it was not easy maintaining it, considering that I had to juggle it alongside my studies, choir and church commitments. However, it made me a stronger and more mature person, having to deal with things alone and making decisions.

Dreams can be really scary if it is big enough, but don't be scared off by it or you'll never succeed in anything.

"The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough."
                                                                        - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Just a little midweek encouragement and a reminder for myself too, a reminder to what I'm persisting for. Passion drives dream, dream drives hope, hope drive perseverance.

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