Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Keep calm and have a Po-Tea-To

One week of exams and finally all has ended!
This week felt like months, whereby everyday is spent with books, notes, and more notes.
So glad that all is over and HELLO SUMMER, HELLO HOLIDAYS!
Decided to go for brunch today at Tiong Bahru, the place filled with shop-house cafes.
Forgot that today was a weekday though, so went a little early, when most of them open at 12pm.
P.S also a little excuse for me to bring out my newly bought Nikon DSLR to play ^^

Settled for Po Tea To in the end, after much walking and exploring around the area (Yong Siak Street)

We ended up being their second customer for the day haha! The early bird gets the worms; and we had our food delivered within a super short time, around 5-10 minutes!

Love how the drinks come in this cute jar-like cups!

Ying Ting's Fish & Chips, which came with shoestring and sweet potato fries.
The sweet potato fries is definitely worth it!

Ordered Mac & Cheese with potato salad
A little too creamy though!

Wore specs today due to swollen right eye sighpie :(

Po Tea To
78 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 163078
Woohoo, till now, I still could not believe that finals are over!
It's time to relax and have more time for Sketch-a-Tote!
On a sadder note, am plucking out my wisdom tooth on Thursday, feeling really fidgety and nervous now. Not sure what will happen and how it will be like after the surgery!
Internship starts next Monday for me, so hopefully all will go well, and that the swollen cheeks and wounds will recover fast!
For now, I shall have my fair share of joy :)

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