Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday blues no more

Started my 3 months-Internship last Friday and it was quite tiring initially on the first day, but as I was on my way to work today, I felt an urge to really put my focus and concentration into everything I do, in hoping to really learn and experience something out of these 3 months. Felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment today as I knocked off ^^ Really thank God for the optimism and strength! May this burst of energy sustain me throughout the 3 months and mould me into a better communications student hehe :)

New designs launched on Sketch-a-Tote! Really love the classic designs for this collection, especially the whimsical carousel horse and the Russian doll designs :) Since young, I've always dream of drifting into some carnival theme park with all the striped caravans, popcorn and candy floss carts, painted clowns juggling pins, and my favourite ride, the carousel which goes round and round. My love for those whimsical vintage painted porcelain carousel horse will never fade ^^ If only Singapore has carnivals and theme parks. I would die to visit one overseas.

My inspiration for the "Friday" series canvas totes came from probably my joy whenever it's Friday haha! The "Everyday's Friday" tote totally made my day a little more optimistic! Hope it made you feel so too! Optimism can really bring a person far. It's all about the mindset and attitude! So, why not be happy and cheerful everyday and embrace all fears and troubles with smiles! A day can be much happier this way ^^

To a better week ahead!

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