Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Went to the Gardens by the Bay for the FIRST time today (I know right, i'm really lag).
Was so excited about it as I saw many pretty photos on Instagram and Facebook
and was really eager to give it a visit and spam million of photos for memory sake ^^
A good tip will be to visit it on a weekday, when it is not crowded, and also in the morning,
so that all the flowers are fresh and cheery that you can actually see the morning dew on the petals!
We visited the Tulipmania at the flowers dome as it is ending on 20 May and you should give it a visit too if you haven't!
 Really an eye opener, especially when you rarely see such pretty flowers in Singapore!
So satisfied with the gorgeous photos of the flowers that I'm starting to love my new DSLR very much!
(Although i'm still quite a noob at adjusting the settings and all, so need to start googling and experimenting)
The flowers dome is actually very big inside, with lots to see, so if you think that you could finish them off in an hour, you are wrong!
We went from flower to flower, spamming photos, and ended up spending around 2 an half hours inside hehe ^^
Initially, we planned to visit the tulips in the morning, and the S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa in the afternoon,
but sighpie we were too ambitious.

We left the dome around 2 plus, and after lunch, it was almost close to 4pm, so the aquarium excursion had to postpone :'(
Was kind of looking forward to the aquarium actually as I've NEVER been to an underwater world (yes, very deprived childhood)
P.s Nor have a visited the zoo (That shall be on my places-to-go list), which is quite pathetic actually.

Yayee signing off as a happy girl who have visited the "Holland" field of tulips and flowers ^^

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