Thursday, May 09, 2013

Where art thou, Toothie?

Finally after months of occasional pain, finally got to remove my wisdom tooth this morning.
This x-ray was taken a few months ago when I went for dental check-up.
Spot that lower left dislocated wisdom toothie?
Was so worried the night before that I dreamt that my surgeon is a pregnant woman who had to give birth in the middle of my surgery and I was left in the surgery room alone unattended.
(Ridiculous dream I know haha)

Anyway, initially I thought the surgery would be at least 30 mins -1 hour, but it took only around 10 mins?
When it was over, the surgeon told me "okay that's it, your tooth is out" and I was said "huh, really? Out already?"
And after I told him I expected it to be at least an hour, he replied "haha, sorry to have disappointed you"
hehe, it was not at all painful during the surgery, although I felt that they pushing and squeezing of my face by the nurses were more painful.

Through the whole surgery, the song "Lord, you are always here with me" was replaying in my head and I felt so at ease and at peace, together with the encouragements and comfort by the nurses and surgeon.
Well, it struck me that it wasn't too bad at all.
Sometime I just get too uptight and worried for nothing. Time to learn how to let go and trust more;
Have a leap of faith.

Now, the bleeding has ceased and was able to eat porridge and all in peace.
The surgeon said that I should avoid hot food and go for cold food such as ice cream and yogurt. Muahaha i'm serious, he said that! An excuse for my heavenly indulgence!
Shall have ice cream and beancurd pudding at night!

Luckily I delayed the start of my internship till next Wednesday, at least to have a few more days of rest and play before real work sets in! Cheers to the nice boss who eagerly agreed to the delay and allowing me to end intern earlier to prepare for next school term too! :)

Can't wait for the "hole" at the back of the mouth to get better, before meeting up with the besties for awesome food! ^^

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