Monday, June 17, 2013

Living the weekends to the fullest

Weeks after weeks, time seemed to have flown past, yet at a very slow speed. Have finally finished the 1st month of Internship. One an half month more to go. Well, I can do this! So, the only remedy to this temporary boredom is to live my weekends to the fullest, but only to whine on Sunday about how fast the weekends have past. #therealityoflife :( Had Sketch-a-Tote photo-shoot session on Saturday as usual, and this time we went to Tiong Bahru, only to realise that it is actually a bad venue as the initial plan to have the Car-park/Alley as the backdrop was destroyed as the car-parks were filled with cars on a Saturday, thus not a very sight-pleasing background! Glad to have found a nice park in the vicinity though :) Of course, since we are at Tiong Bahru, we had to drop by Plain Vanilla to grab some cupcakes! Have heard lots about plain vanilla but always didn't have the chance to try it!

Red velvet | Strawberry White chocolate | Carrot Cake | Salted Caramel
I especially love the Salted Caramel because it tastes a lot like the Whether's original sweet which I've loved since young hehe :) I definitely prefer plain vanilla to twelve cupcakes :)

Went to the newly opened JEM on Sunday afternoon with the church peeps after service for a little food shopping and dinner! Initially I thought the place is way too overrated but after visiting it, I'm totally in love with that place! There are so so so many major brands in the mall that I can totally forego Orchard for now! Just thinking about being able to visit my favourite stores all in one mall, why travel? Uniqlo, Muji, Accessories, H&M, Kinokuniya and many other paper/gifts shops: Totes love the place! Will definitely be going back there when the haze/crowd/craze is over ^^

Had Soup Spoon for dinner (Only my third time eating at soup spoon haha) I think their very old-school canteen-like blue tables are really cool!
Tokyo Chicken Stew (Love it) | Chicken and Mushroom Wrap

PARIS BAGUETTE CAFE for desserts (finally!!)
Berry Berry Tart | Royal Pudding in Original and Caramel flavour |
Crunch Crunch Chocolate Cake | Perfect New York Cheesecake | Strawberry Shortcake | O'my Baby Milk Crepe

They are totally worth the try and will definitely go back for more though the royal pudding wasn't as good as I've expected it to be, but still quite refreshing since there isn't any other similar pudding in Singapore. However, the cakes are 100% thumbs-up! ^^ Had an awesome night of fellowship with the most lovable group of people! Really thank God for putting them in my life :)

Anyway, besides the day being REALLY hazy, on a brighter note, a new collection has launched. We're also about ONE month more to our 1st Anniversary! #excites! A few of my favourite photos from the lookbook:

Alright, more updates to come tomorrow! :) And finally when one Sketch-a-Tote order is completed, I need to quickly start on another collaboration project! Hopefully, these 3 months holidays will be well-spent! ^^ To a better (less hazy) day tomorrow!

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