Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not all who wander are lost

Had the best Friday of my entire life (I'm not kidding). Had a half-day as it was our company mini outing to catch mini-lobsters! ^^ Was really excited as this is my first time going out into the wilderness catching lobsters. But sadly to say, I didn't manage to catch any and it is definitely not as easy as it seems! The other colleagues all caught some and we ended up with 12 mini-lobsters :) Well, I'm sure there will be a next time and by then, I shall be a pro at this. Heard that the lobsters come out around evening time so we actually went a little too early! But thankfully we didn't head back empty-handed.

While the colleagues were diligently catching the small creatures, I gave up after some time #timetotrainmypatience. I guess I was so mesmerized by the beautiful place that I'd rather spend the whole time snapping photos. God's creations are just amazingly amazing. I'm totally speechless and sold. How I wish I could stay there forever and never leave.

It feels as if I've walked into a Wonderland, filled with tall trees. I could just lie down on the green pastures, to enjoy the calm breeze, listening to the birds hawk. Seeing the reflection of the setting sun glisten, glancing across the calm lake, i'm totally zen. Really grateful for this wonderful time of serenity rest.

I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

A day like this makes my world go round. I could die with no regrets.
To a happier and more exciting July :)

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