Sunday, June 23, 2013

Poulet at Vivo City

Finally, the haze this afternoon started to clear, where we get to see blue skies, white clouds and actually feel the warmth of the sun! It was then, that I realised how precious these things are to us, but yet they are highly neglected and taken for granted every single day. Really got to learn how to appreciate and give thanks for the fresh air and sun that we have! Although, this haze-less phenomenon may be temporary, still a hope for us to grasp on to. I'm sure one day, we will get there :)

Met up with the Secondary school girls for dinner today at Vivo to celebrate JJ's belated 21st birthday! Have always wanted to give it a try so was quite excited to find out that we are having it today! It is quite cool that they actually called themselves the "Amazing French roast chicken", haha I mean wow you must have had lots of confidence to call yourself "amazing", isn't it! However I didn't find it really amazing. Probably it was a little too overrated as the portions were quite small and I didn't quite like the chicken and the sauce that much.

Photo taken from their official website

Their signature dish: Poulet Roti, Signature roasted chicken
Comes with a special cream sauce and some mushrooms

Braised Chicken leg with potato and onions
Had this and it wasn't really brilliant as the portion was pretty small and a little herb-ish so I guess the roasted chicken would have been a better choice!

Banana bread pudding 
I really really really x1000 like this, haha have I mentioned my love for banana and anything that comes with it? It is really quite nice, topped up with Vanilla ice-cream (also my die-hard favourite). A little scoop of cold from the ice-cream with a little scoop of warm bread pudding, just enough you to send you to heaven.

Forest Noir cake and Macaroons from Bakerzin

Really am glad for this night of meet-up after so long! I mean, even though we meet really occasionally and we have our own group of friends that we hang out with, but it's really nice to have a short catch-up session once in a while to find out what each of us are doing or just simply to sustain our friendship. I believe people meet for a reason, and truly those Secondary school days were irresistibly memorable. Hope you girls will do fine in whatever you are doing and may our friendship lasts :)

Had a short glimpse of this fashion runway show at the Vivo atrium. It seemed to be showcasing Thai fashion, which is really cool by the way! You see all the models dressed up in colourful pieces, all dolled-up, with identical wigs, strutting down the runway, heads held high, strike a pose at the edge with a confident smile and gracefully turning back. Camera flashes went wild as the models strut their stuff. It is really such a joy to watch a runway show. Didn't had the chance to go up close to watch and take some photos though, too many people amidst.

However, a little dream of mine is to catch a fashion runway show live! Wonder when this would come true, but when that day finally comes, I would definitely scream for joy within! ^^

Alright, hoping that the PSI stops increasing and the sky will be clearer tomorrow! To a better and more beautiful Sabbath day tomorrow! :)

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