Thursday, July 11, 2013

Behind the scenes of HOPE photoshoot

Was extremely excited on Saturday because it is another Sketch-a-tote photo-shoot! Really enjoy and look forward to every photo-shoot although it can be really tiring at times. It was always sessions filled with fun, joy and laughters. This collection, we had the photo-shoot at Fort canning Hill and got quite a few stares from random passer-bys and tourists but I guess we were having too much fun to care.  

Had Corrine to help me with photo-taking that day too as I wanted to try "modelling" my own bags but nah, I guess I rather stick to being the photographer. Salutes to all models out there, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. While trying to look happy and pretty and natural, you must take note of where you are placing the bag, your hands, legs...etc. Feel more in control when you are the photographer I guess, because you kind of know what kind of feel you are looking for and which angles to take in order to create that feel. But, nevertheless, it was a fun experience while it lasted.

Was trying to do a "Singing in the rain" pose/feel haha but I guess it was kind of fail as it was so hard to have the pose but yet trying to stay still so that it is easier for the camera to capture. Thus, most shots had blur hands and legs movements hehe.  

And, this is our very pretty resort-looking backdrop for the shoot. It was so pretty! Really felt like walking on the wooden planks bare-footed, every morning! How great it would be if I could wake up to this every morning.

The super iconic pretty field at fort canning. Can't wait to be there again for Ballet under the stars :)

 With the models and the photographer!

After the shoot, we headed to National museum for lunch at Food for thought, and started goofing around, spamming photos ^^ I must say that the interior of the museum really looks classy and elegant! Love the white walls and the tall white windows.

Haha! In this photo, the two of them tried to pose like they are pampering the lady boss haha!

Before I end, a shout-out to my pretty new dress from The velvetdolls. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it! The baroque-looking porcelain floral prints and the gold buttons are to die for, not to mention the slight cut-out details at the side of the dress. Woohoo totally love love love it! :)

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