Monday, July 08, 2013

Food for thought at National Musuem

Enjoying my weekends to the fullest now ^^ July has been such a beautiful month and it will continue to be! Double happiness this year: my 21st and also Sketch-a-Tote's 1st! ^^

Anyway, had a photoshoot on Saturday and we ended way past lunch time, so we were all hungry and tired. Luckily for us, Food for thought was just near by and we were lucky that there was no queue. We went to the outlet in National Museum and I felt like a tai-tai for a moment as the museum is really classy, white, elegant and big, with tall glass windows which allowed the natural light to stream in, lighting up the whole museum with a soft glow. It felt really relaxing to dine at the outlet and would definitely want to head back there one day for a quiet meal.

| Classic Works |
Buttered toast | Scrambled eggs | Bacon | Potato hashbrowns

Had this for lunch and I am officially totally in love with the scrambled eggs! It is really very soft and "eggy"! The portion for the scrambled eggs and bacon is really generous too.

| Pancakes with Banana & Walnut |
Cream | Gula Malaka sauce

Veron's pancakes and again, they are really generous with the banana and walnut! And the special thing is that you can find banana and walnut bits inside the pancake too! Totally great for a banana lover (like me haha).

| Customised works |
Scrambled eggs | Sautee mushrooms | Pork sausage

Adel's customised plate, where you can choose a few single ingredients to create your own meal! The Sautee mushroom and pork sausage is really nice!

| Pancakes with creamy Milk Chocolate spread |
Cream | Gula Malaka sauce

Corrine's pancakes! You may think that the milk chocolate pieces on top are in chunks, but later did we find out that they are melted and you can spread them over your pancakes. Love it!

| Milkshake | 
Mixed berries with yogurt ice-cream

LOVE MEGA LOVE the milkshake although it is $8.50. It was really thick and creamy and full of "ingredients" in it! The mixed berries taste was so rich that you would simply want another sip after each. This is like a mega cup for me as it was a combination of my favourite food altogether.

Food for Thought
93 Stamford Road, #01-04/05, Singapore (178897)
Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm | Sun: 10am-9pm

And there, my Saturday morning and afternoon was well spent! Head down to church after that to prepare for that night's fellowship! Alright, here's a glimpse at our photoshoot! Had a fun time with this lovely crazy bunch of girls :) Shall blog more about the photoshoot some other day! 

Bliss and happiness is when your life is packed with so many things and activities but they are not a chore, simply because you love what you are doing.

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