Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to Sketch-a-Tote!

It has been one long yet good year and I'm really thankful for Sketch-a-Tote's birth. I've always looked back and wonder if life would be the same without Sketch-a-Tote, and indeed my life wouldn't be as fulfilling as ever. Since Sketch-a-Tote turns one today, I've decided to dedicate a post, recording all the little milestones achieved in this one year and also how it started in the first place.

For those who know me, I really love carrying tote bags, all kinds of it! It is just very casual and convenient. But at that time, sadly to say, there weren't a lot of shops selling canvas tote bags, not to even say tote bags with designs that I like. Hence, being the trying-to-be-creative girl, I've always been trying to "customise" my things, like altering clothes, drawing on calculators, pencil cases...etc so I decided to just doodle on an old canvas tote of mine. From then, the birth of Sketch-a-Tote slowly came about, as I realised how unique it is to be able to carry something that no one would ever have. Indeed, it is my kind of self-expression, fashion statement. Also, it will no longer be cool if you step into town and realise that ten other people are carrying similar bags.

Canvas totes, casual as they look, but to me, I think that there's so much more to them. And that is why Sketch-a-Tote hopes to bring out the character of each individual through the unique totes.

Another reason to Sketch-a-Tote's birth is also due to the rising trend of owning blog-shops a few years back, and selling clothes would be too common and mainstream as there's too many entering the market every now and then. It wouldn't be a smart move to enter at such a late timing. Considering that there's almost little or none online stores providing personalised canvas totes, I decided to take a leap of faith to start it.

At the beginning, it was really quite tough as you have to get your sources, get your supplies, gathering customers,  and to get people to even know of your existence. The latter seems to be the hardest to establish and I believe that it takes time to build that trust and presence.

I'm really thankful for all our facebook/Instagram fans/customers/friends who stayed by our side throughout this one year although there's more for us to improve on! Thanks for all our loyal customers who visited us again and again! It really gave me the morale boost and energy to carry this on! Especially to the very sweet customers/fans who would drop us emails or messages to inform us that they've received their items and that they love it a lot. I really give thanks for all of you out there! :)

Now, let's look back at the milestones achieved:

Our first batch of Sketch-a-Tote's exclusive labels came in this little box all the way from miles away.

Yaye to new tote bags too, which are also thicker in canvas material and longer in strap! :)

Sketch-a-Tote first batch of Name-card, in preparation for our first offline meet with the customers.

First offline debut at the National Museum for Public Garden's Arts Market, in conjunction with the National Heritage Festival Celebration.

And of course, many many more events to come! I really thank God for this one whole year, filled with blessings and joy and satisfaction! And to those who are curious, yes, Sketch-a-Tote is solely owned and run by me! It can get pretty busy and tough at times, having to handle everything, from sketching to photo-shooting, to online sales, to maintaining all media platforms, to communicating with customers. However, it's "busy" on a whole new level; a happy kind of "busy" I would put it. The satisfaction and joy that I get from wrapping up each tote/parcel is immensely priceless.
Sketch-a-Tote is a little dream of mine, and till now, it still is a dream in the making.
Which is why, today's launch is named as "Dreams". To remind myself of this dream of mine, and to also encourage all of you to dream beyond infinity. Go after your dreams, regrets are the worst things to carry in life. Here's some of my favourite photos from this collection:

DREAMS collection going live at 8pm: Http://
I don't design totes, I design dreams

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