Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy 21st!

It didn't really felt much different, and like any other day, I woke up for work, went to work, ate, and went home. Probably, I was a little happier in the morning, waking up feeling all refreshed, chirpy and just simply happy. Happy that I've survived yet another year. And really as years go by, you realise how time is so precious and within the blink of an eye, every second of your life is passing so quickly before you could ever catch up with it. As I grow older, I realised that I've become a little more reserved. Still as crazy and talkative and out of the blue at times, but definitely not as bubbly and outgoing as years back. I wouldn't say it is a bad change. I mean, people do change and within these past few years, I've definitely been through more, way more than those of the same age have.
I find it harder to trust people, especially some very superficial friends who come and go, who have no intention to be a part of your life. But I'm really thankful for a few of the angels who have made my life really special and unique because of their presence. In this new beginning, I would want to spend every moment of my life with people I care, and doing things that I truly love and care about. Life is way too short for me to wander about, not knowing what to do everyday.
My life is a mission and I have to live it right.
Alright, I always tend to get really emotional on my birthday, but well I guess it's good to be reflective and ponder rather than to RARA over your birthday and think nothing about the years that are passing :) So here's how I spent my birthday:
Woke up rather late for work, but happily took my time to prepare for work and reached office at an extremely late time: 11am (Work starts at 9.30am by the way), but unsurprisingly, I was the second to reach the office (as usual). That made my day totally, haha! Totally my kind of (slack) work, especially on your birthday. Colleagues knew that it was my birthday today, and treated me to a sumptuous Dim-sum lunch at Yum Cha Restaurant at Chinatown. They are really very nice colleagues I would say, would definitely miss them after my last day next Wednesday. The times where we slack, eat, gossip and just slack together in office oops. We spent 2 hours having lunch and slowly strolled back to office at 3.30pm. Where else can I get this kind of work ever again? I must really appreciate these last few days!

After work, had family dinner at city square mall! Ate at Paradise Inn as mum doesn't really have any liking for other cuisine except for Chinese cuisine. Was kinda expecting the colourful Xiao long bao, but was greatly disappointed that this outlet doesn't have ANY. Therefore, we settled for traditional Chinese dishes (but they were quite nice still).

So, my birthday didn't end on a very happy note, but still thankful for whoever who made it special for me :) Thank you green bean aka "African friend" for calling all the way from Australia at midnight just to wish me and to chat! Thank youuuuu, it really made my 21st really happy :)

In this fresh beginning, I hope to:
Do all things with love,
Expect less, do more

P.s It's Sketch-a-Tote's 1st Anniversary in 2 days' timeeee! It's like waiting for a baby to arrive.

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