Monday, August 05, 2013

Au Chocolat @ Marina Bay Sands

Had my birthday celebration with the Johnnies at Au Chocolat a few weeks ago at MBS. The whole dining experience was awesome and the food there is thumbs up like anything. Their portions are quite big too, especially those with fries, as the generous serving of fries will usually make you really full already, on top of your main dish. But for a fries lover like me, I totally do not mind hehe.

The MUST-GET legendary truffle-fries, with Mayo and Barbeque dip. It is beyond awesome I proclaim. (and now I am craving for it)

The special thing about Au chocolat is that they have two sides, one being mainly the main-course dining, and one being the desserts parlour! Look at the yummy and pretty cakes! Trust me, they taste as good as they look! The strawberry cheesecake is really good! If I could, I would try a piece of every flavour haha ^^

And a last photo with the awesome bunch of people, whom we've been sticking together since many many years ago!

Time to start visiting more cafes before school officially starts next Monday sighpie :( Have been really busy lately, completing sketch-a-tote orders, but definitely being very happy at the same time :) Looking forward to school next week though! It feels almost like a new beginning! :)

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