Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Floral Crown DIY

Haven't been updating this space lately due to busy school workload (though it is only week 2 now). However, I have decided to do a mini tutorial on how to DIY your own floral crown!

Attempted this DIY a few weeks back because I just woke up feeling like making something. I mean, times like that are precious, when you spend the quiet morning doing things that you like and feel like doing. Definitely looking forward to the December break , for me to have that luxury of time again.

And so, I decided to make a floral crown that is blue-and-white themed.

The floral crowns that I often see are those made with hard wires that can't be bent or adjusted. Personally, I don't really prefer those as you can't really alter the way you wear it since the wire material kinds of restrict it. Hence, I went for the 'softer' approach by using ribbons instead!

Materials you need:
A bunch of faux flowers (you can get them from any florist, daiso or even artfriend/spotlight)
Green sticky tape
Silk ribbon of your colour choice

1. Cut up the bunch of flowers till they are all separated from the stems. You may choose to cut it in such a way that they have longer stems, so that it will be easier for you to put them together later on. Classify them according to their colours and types so that you have an idea of how many flowers/petals you have. This helps a lot with the planning of how you want your floral crown to look in the end.

2. Organise the flowers/stems/leaves into separate bunch according to the colours and patterns and tape them together tightly with the green sticky tape. Do note that sometimes the sticky tape might not be as secure, so you might want to secure each bunch with some wire twirled around the taped stem.

3. Decide on the length of the ribbon by measuring it around your head. But remember to add in around 3-5 inches more as you would need some extra length for you to tie it together at the end.

4. Start your floral crown by taping one of the bunched stems to one side of the ribbon. Don't tape it right at the ribbon ends. Give some space and start taping only near the centre of the ribbon. Remember also to tape all your flowers to one direction so that it looks much neater and consistent that way! Remember to tape the bunched stem to the ribbon. After you've successfully taped one bunch, do continue with the rest of the bunches by overlapping one bunch with the other so that the crown doesn't look empty with spaces in between.

5. After you have taped all the bunches, feel free to use wires to secure them at the intersection of the overlapping bunches.  

6. To make your floral crown more beautiful, you may decorate it with some other elements. I chose to give it a more garden-look, so I added twine on each side of the crown, and ended each side with a mini white rose.

7. After all is completed, test it out on your head by tying a adjustable knot. There you are all ready to go!

I had some materials left, so decided to make a matching floral wrist corsage to complete the look!

I love how floral crowns instantly make your outfit look dreamy and elegant and Victorian. It is just something magical about them. Use them for events, special occasions, weddings, birthdays, or photoshoots! You will be surprised by how pretty they can look.

If you are too lazy to make one, let me know if you want to get one! :)

Have a great week ahead! Shall be back with more DIY tutorials :)

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