Friday, August 09, 2013

One People, One Nation, One Singapore!

Was really lucky to be one of the winners for this year's NDP tickets. Took part in the yearly application and was so excited to win exactly 4 tickets for the whole family to be there at the last NDP preview on 3rd August. Didn't want to spoil the surprise for you guys so only blogged about this after the parade. Spent the whole day watching TV and i really enjoy this kind of life, having to do nothing but just lepak at home watching TV. The whole day was flooded with nice TV programmes, so a mediacorp fan like me cannot even resist. Watched Mama Mia, followed by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then National Day Parade (yes i watched it AGAIN, super patriotic) and followed by Mata Mata and lastly Channel 8's Love @ Risk! Wow, sounds like a pretty much shiok day? 

Now, for the NDP photos! Couldn't take a lot of photos on that day due to the fact that we went a little late and got a seat which is quite to the end, with lots of tall people blocking us. But anyway, really enjoyed myself there. Indeed, it really does feel very different there! The atmosphere there was just spectacular and you could feel the patriotism at great height, laughing, cheering and singing together with all the fellow Singaporeans. Really proud of Singapore and proud to be a Singaporean! 

This year's NDP is quite different from past year's and I think it is a good change, to always improve and to keep up with the trend! 'A' for effort! :) As for the theme song, hmm effort is there, but I think I still prefer the old ones hehe :) 

I'll let the photos take you through the parade once again. 

Happy 48th birthday Singapore!! Really proud to be a Singaporean! We've come this far, and we will continue to thrive and prosper and grow into a bigger red dot (literally and metaphorically). Really thankful for such a safe environment to live in. Indeed, we should really learn to be satisfied, contented and give thanks for whatever we have! Peace and stability should never be taken for granted!! Let's pray for our nation too! For loving fellow citizens and wisdom for our leaders! 

Three cheers to Singapore! 

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