Sunday, September 29, 2013

Choupinette @ Bukit Timah Road

Finally another visit to a new cafe yesterday with adeline. This time, to Choupinette along Bukit Timah Road. I've always thought that most of the decent cafes are somewhere in town or the east. However, quite glad to find quite a number of pretty cool cafes and eateries near Bukit Timah. It was an impromptu meal so met around 12.30pm, where all the seats in the cafe were taken up. 

A rather small quaint cafe at the corner of the building i would say, thus the chances of it being crowded near meal times are exceptionally high. Waited for around 15 minutes before we get a seat outside. The good thing was that there were fans provided outdoors and it is rather peaceful outdoors, so it was rather nice being able to people-watch and still enjoy the breeze and quietness. 

Ordered two brunch sets, and each set came with the main, fruit juice and a hot drink. Was rather surprised that they provided us with both the fruit juice and hot drink per meal, as usually cafes provide either. 

| Eggs Benedict's |
Eggs on toast with ham & hollandaise sauce
Personally, this is the best Eggs Benedict which I have tried so far! The eggs were really wobbly and not too watery. I love how the egg yolk oozes out when you poke it gently. The entire combination of the eggs with the ham and sauce is just simply heavenly. Definitely worth the visit again!

| Hot Chocolate Drink |
I'm not a big fan of coffee nor tea. Hot chocolate is always my safe choice whenever I visit Starbucks, coffee bean or even cafes. Their hot chocolate is really rich in taste, and with the extra cocoa powder on top, it gave an extra boost to the original chocolate mixture. It would be awesome if there were some marshmallows to top it.

| The Tristan's |
Scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, mushrooms, tomato provencale & a wholemeal bread roll
This is a rather common rendition of what an average cafe would offer. Nothing extremely nice about it, but I really like their mushrooms. A little salty and very tasty.

The cafe is just located at a building just right beside Coronation Plaza. Easy to spot, just look out for a cafe with full-length glass. P.s (I think cafes with full length glass are really elegant and eye-catching)

If you intend to grab brunch sets, do go before noon as some sets are served till noon only, so don't miss them!

607 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore (269708)
Nearest MRT Station: Botanic Gardens 

And with this, I therefore proclaim the end of my recess week. Just finished rushing an assignment after many days and have just submitted it! Sometimes I don't really understand why the professors like to put assignments deadlines on Sunday 11.59pm. How very torturing! Though 3 more assignments and 2 more presentations this week, at least they are all roughly halfway done. I will survive through definitely. Happy Monday everyone! 

Till then, Quans

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