Thursday, September 05, 2013

Circus Lights Sketchbook

Really adore this upcoming collection as there's so many pretty and cute designs! Do you know how I came up with the idea for a Circus theme? Was kind of inspired by the recent Singapore Night Festival which I went to! There's really something magical about it, especially the Arts flea market at Chjmes by Public Garden. It is really such a pity that there are is neither carnivals nor circus here in Singapore. I would totally die to visit them one day. Hence, to make up for the absence of them, I'll make them up in the figment of my imagination ^^

Finally, the week is about to end! Guess what, next week is E-learning week so I guess I'll have more time to sleep in (hopefully) and to catch up on assignments, projects and readings, and customisations. Also, planning to make use of e-learning week to shoot the photos for the next collection in advance, just in case work kicks in and I get busier :(

Spent the day completing assignments, tutorials but surprisingly feeling a little satisfied :) Had my first social work module tutorial today and I enjoyed it a lot, which is quite rare as I seldom like tutorials. However, it was really different I guess, since I was the only Year 3 in the class, with almost all freshmen. Nevertheless, it felt so natural and close to heart, discussing about the social work scene in Singapore, which is something very refreshing, from the usual communications and writing modules.  

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADELINE, SKETCH-A-TOTE MODEL! Love you many many! Thanks for being such an awesome sister/friend/support to me! I feel really honoured to have you in my life! Jiayou in school and survive! :)

Circus Lights Sketchbook
like stepping into a fairy tale under the curtain of stars

I personally love the Clown and the Popcorn Canvas Mama-string hehe :) What's your favourite?

Now, to end off the night/week with a happy photo! Stay calm, it's Friday tomorrow (finally)! ^^

Till then, Quans

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