Saturday, September 14, 2013

(Super) Belated Ikea Bday Treat

Had my super belated Ikea treat on Monday with Veron and the Lim sisters! It was really crowded that day though it was 11am in the morning as we had to fight the space with students having holidays, on top of the office lunch crowd. Nevetheless, the food was worth the squeeze :) Have not eaten Ikea food for really long, and I really love their meatballs (although many have said that their standards have dropped, I still think that they are decently awesome). 

Tried their cakes for the first time as well and you have to try them if you haven't, like me haha. Their cheesecake is pretty decent, not too cheesy and milky that it turns you off. Their chocolate cakes are pretty delicious too that we went for a second serving.

Oh, just us with the mandatory Ikea-ice-cream shot ^^
Something cool and new bout the Ikea Ice-cream, they are no longer served at the counter, you have to pay for it at the counter, where you would be given a token and the cone. Place the token and the cone into a machine situated near the counter, press a button, and TA-DA, your vanilla cone will be freshly served! It has all gone self-service! Still quite amazed by the machine hehe :)

Somehow I would wish that the weekends hadn't arrived so quickly, which means the end of E-learning week. It's Saturday morning and I'm rushing a report that is due on Monday. Now, to look forward to Recess week, the week after next.

P.s Can't wait to launch Sketch-a-Tote's next sketchbook and collection! Coming your way really soon! Do look out for my posts on it too! Will be blogging about the "Behind the scenes" and something really special next!

Till then, Quans

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