Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Krispy sound of life

Last Friday's cheap thrill moment in school: Hauled 2 dozens of glazed doughnuts ^^
In conjunction with the upcoming first outlet in Singapore, they tied in with NUS for a giveaway. I guess it was also because it is the last day of school before recess week, thus a little encouragement? They gave away 500 boxes of a dozen doughnuts and my nuschoir friends and I just had to queue for it! Many students were already queuing for it at 10am when the event was supposed to start at 10.30am. It was my first time trying krispy kreme and they really made my day!

  Dropped by The NUSChoir's practice last week (finally) and really miss the sopranos and singing with the awesome group of people! I've also decided to join them back for the World Choir Games 2014 in Europe, next July! Can't wait time to pass by. Although that would mean forgoing my graduation trip or even my commencement ceremony, it is all worth it! Time and time again, I've been missing those days back in Wales, United Kingdom last year where we compete for World Choir Games 2012 and was one of the top 5 choirs to compete for that final trophy! I really treasure the bond which music and singing has forged between us.
It's recess week this week and I must say that it has been (rather) torturous but still manageable. Having 2 assignments due this week and 2 assignments + 2 presentations due next week is no joke. However, thankfully for zero mid terms this semester. I'll survive and so will all of you.

Till then, Quans

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