Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stop and smell the flowers // Mirage Flowers + Behind the Scenes

Feel really honoured to be able to work with Mirage Flowers for the latest Sketch-a-Tote collection as this is my first time holding their floral products in my own hands! I've known about them for quite some time, through Instagram, and their photos never fails to inspire me. It brings about a very rustic, clean-cut, elegant feel of the flowers! Most of you should know my crazy love for pretty flowers, especially those that look a little adventurous and wild. Hence, I was really happy and satisfied to see how the bouquet comprises of very elegant and delicate petals, yet with a tinge of wildness.

This beautiful bouquet which was featured in Sketch-a-Tote's lookbook is named "Anastasia', after the pretty and elegant Disney princess.

'Anastasia': Made of freshly cut White Eustomas, Exotic Eryugium, Blue Hydrangea and
Cream Roses that promises to bring forth subtle elegance to the wearer.

I requested for a pastel-blue colour palette for both the bouquet and crown and really happy with the combination of cream, pastel blue, white and light purple. I felt as though I was on a wedding photoshoot that day!

As much as I love flowers, one thing that I really like about the bouquet and the floral crown, is that the flowers are flown from Holland! The quality and freshness of the flowers is to die for. After the photoshoot, I kept the flowers in a vase as I watch them grow and wither each day. But surprisingly, they did not wither as quickly as I thought they would! Collected the flowers from their office on Tuesday, but when I took this photo below on Saturday morning, they are still looking rather fresh even on the fifth day! Truly amazed by the will power of these delicate flowers! ^^
(Photo taken from my Instagram @quanss)

Mirage Flowers
Instagram: @mirageflowers

Some Behind the Scenes photos from the photoshoot last Wednesday!
Showcasing my newest buy: Super loving this fairytale-magical-looking tealight lamp! Got it for only $7.90, am contemplating whether I should get another white one #cheapthrill

I really love the floral crown! Look at the pastel blue petals + cream baby breaths combination!

Here is the "Can I not get married" pose! I think I was asking her to pretend to throw the bouquet into the air, like a bride would toss it to the bridesmaids haha.

Our props and assistant for the day! Thank you veron!

The bouquet and floral crown was so beautiful that we had to take photos with them, for memories sake! The next time for me to wear such a beautiful freshly made floral crown would probably on my wedding day I think (haha just kidding)!

And that marks the end of our photoshoot! Had so many insects/mosquito bites after the shoot due to the really forest-y venue! Also because the flowers were SO fresh that we attracted bees and butterflies! We felt like some flower princesses that day!

See you at the launch tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm! ^^

Till then, Quans

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