Tuesday, September 03, 2013

ZOO Photo diary

Went to the Zoo for the first time in my life, back in July for an early birthday celebration with Jia'en and Yingting (After much procrastination, finally got to blog this). Thanks girls for fulfilling my wish hehe. You can hardly believe that this is my first trip to the zoo after 21 years but as noob as ever, yes it is. Really happy to spend a whole day at the Zoo and River Safari with the girls and the animals! It is indeed amazing to see these animals right in front of your eyes, live. Nevertheless, felt a little sad for the animals as they are "trapped" within their enclosures, unlike the freedom to roam around. 

The Zoo was much more enjoyable I would say as there's more variety to the different kinds of animals, while the highlight for the River Safari is just the Panda! Was feeling lucky as I get to see Kai Kai, Jia Jia, and the new polar bear called Inuka! ^^

Enjoy the photo diary below:  

Looking back at these photos made me miss the summer holidays even more. Though it is only week 4, it seemed like ages. I find myself preparing for tutorials, catching up on readings, printing notes, preparing for assignments, catching up on project mates for discussions, checking emails, checking ivle, almost EVERYDAY. It's like a deadly routine :( On top of that, have been a little busier with Sketch-a-Tote recently with customisations and new collection launching this week.

Well, I can so do this! On a side note, really thankful for a Tuesday off-day, for me to catch up on (sleep) readings and assignments and to take a breather before the week continues. Only complain for today is that it rained a little too much, made me a little lazier :( School has been a bore so far, thus nothing interesting for me to blog as frequently! Looking forward to the weekend 'cos next week is E-learning week!

Till then, Quans

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