Wednesday, October 02, 2013

D' Good Cafe X Mu Parlour @ Holland Village

Cafe-hopped on Monday with Yingting since it was her recess week and I just need something to chase my Monday blues away. Really happy to have tried two cafes which I have been dying to since a long time. We headed for lunch and desserts at Holland Village. 

Was quite surprised that we could actually find seats at D' Good Cafe as the cafe is somewhat like a first come first serve basis. You buy your food and find your own seats. Good thing that there isn't any additional GST charges as well. There was also little crowd control, so most of the time you see groups of friends just sitting there talking or even studying. Although it consists of 2 storeys, most of the tables are taken up by students. 

Wanted to try their All-day Breakfast initially but just had Eggs Benedict on Saturday, so thought of going for a change and settled with their pasta instead. 

| Bacon Carbonara |
Linguine served with pork bacon in mixed herb cream sauce
Generous portion of bacon, but too little sauce, resulting in a relatively dry Carbonara

| Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio |
Linguine & prawns stir fried in olive oil, garlic and chilli padi
Very generous portion for prawns and sauce

|Very Berries Smoothie| 
Super berry and rich taste: should be a mixture of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

D' Good Cafe
273 Holland Ave , S(278992)
Nearest MRT Station: Holland Village

Didn't stay at the cafe for long as it was rather noisy. Couldn't believe how the students can actually study there! Went off to look for the next desserts cafe to chill at. Suggested Mu Parlour as I really like their atmosphere and decor, and looks like the decision was right. Full length glass windows are to die for, especially for cafes. They can make the cafe look very elegant and clean-cut. Our view from the second storey cafe. 

One thing that I really like about the place is its location on the second storey, away from the hustle and bustle downstairs. It is neatly tucked away in an obscure corner. Not many would have noticed it, but once noticed, not many would leave I guess (at least for me). The decor of the cafe runs mainly on a simple while and brown colour theme and with the chilling music being played, I would totally rate the ambiance as 110%. 

| Red Velvet Chocolate cake | 
With a coffee twist 
Unfortunately, the "coffee twist" as stated in the menu could not be tasted at all. Nevertheless, this is the creamiest and yummiest Red Velvet chocolate cake ever. Cake is decently fluffy and the cream is decently creamy.

| Raspberry Chocolate cake |
This little bomb is our surprise for the day. It comes in a relatively crispy looking "shell" but once you crack it, you find the happiest reward. Three layers of surprise: "Shell", Chocolate cream, Raspberry chunks. I quite like the taste of it though not really a Raspberry lover.

Simply adore this very victorian-themed cafe. Definitely an ideal place to chill on a weekday morning (when there is lesser crowd) to catch up on a good read or just to do some people-watching from above. Hoping to pop back one day when school is less of a hassle to unwind.

Mu Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Nearest MRT Station: Holland Village

On a side note, school has been rather tiring, with mountains after mountains of assignments and reports to hand in each week. Just today, my group had a morning presentation, stressful morning/afternoon trying to print out our report as it was in the form of an excel document and it is way too long for us to print it out on a piece of paper. Ended up printing it in 30 A3 pieces of papers and had to manually stick them onto 9 pieces of Mahjong paper. In the end, the professor didn't want to accept it as it was way too hard for him to mark. We then had to rush to the printing room to figure out ways to get it print, but yet in readable font size too.

In short, today was a tiring day. Can't wait for the Christmas Holidays to be here again.

Till then, Quans

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