Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant

Monday's dinner was with the Sketch-a-Tote models (veron and adeline) at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant, Plaza Singapura outlet. One thing I like about that place is that the side dishes are all buffet-style. You order your main dish and the rest of the side dishes like Chawanmushi, sweet potato fries (awesome) and some order salad and fried tofu, are all free-flow. We attacked the chawanmushi the most as it is really quite soft and tasteful. However, it can get a little powdery sometimes at the bottom. 

| Omelette in claypot, Hayashi Stew set $14.99 |
There's rice inside the omelette and the stew is just nice!

| Pork Tonkatsu $13.99|
Pork Cutlet with Miso sauce
The cutlet is really dry and extremely hard so we didn't really like it.

| Chicken Namban, $12.99|
Fried Marinated Chicken with fresh tartar sauce
The nicest of the three dishes: the chicken together with the sauce and tar tar is extremely good and juicy.

Our table filled with food! Although the food is really not very very very awesome, but i would call it decent, considering how we get free flow sides, at a relatively cheap price. One thing that is quite disappointing is that they do not serve Ramen (besides one from the kids' menu) so basically the menu can be a little limited.

Hope your public holiday was good!

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