Friday, October 04, 2013

Tot(e)ally loving it X Giveaway

It's finally FRIDAY.

Was really honored that Sketch-a-Tote could play a part in a happy occasion! A bride-to-be contacted me, asking to design a series of canvas totes for her bridesmaids. It was really sweet of her as she intends to place the bridesmaids dress and some other goodies into each tote for her bridesmaids. I would be really happy to receive something like that, something like a surprise goodie bag! One day when my wedding comes, I should do the same too! ^^

These few weeks have been really tiring and dry, so I thought of doing a GIVEAWAY just to lighten everyone's moody week! Instructions on how to participate in the Giveaway will be at the end of the post! 

Since the theme is LOVE, I would love to hear from you the things you love about Sketch-a-Tote!

Just follow all the steps below to qualify yourself for the giveaway.
The winner of the giveaway will be winning a pair of customised totes (your preferred design) for your and your bestie/you and your lover. 

1. 'Like' and 'Share' the giveaway photo on Http://
2. Follow this blog on Bloglovin (on the left column)
3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post and tell me what you love about Sketch-a-Tote with your email address so that I can contact you. Anonymous comments won't be qualified for the draw.

Giveaway will officially end on 11 October 2013, 10pm.
All the best and spread the love!

Till then, Quans


superhero yana said...
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Sally Chua said...

Hi Quan Mei & Sketch-a-tote! :D


When I first saw Sketch-a-tote online, I was amazed by the items sketch-a-tote did everything there are handmade & I'm a person who loves handmade stuffs. And my first reaction was: "I finally found the shop that I want!" From here, I ordered quite a few tote bags including my customized minion tote by sketch-a-tote!

The reason I love sketch-a-tote because I can choose the designs that I want and most importantly they are handmade which means quality and a whole lot of love! Sketch-a-tote products are more than just a product! There are alot of creativity, uniqueness, love and hardwork in it! Really appreciate alot!Bought a customized Hello Kitty for my friend and she really loves it! Giving handmade stuffs is truly the essence of gift-giving! A handmade gift conveys so much more than something pulled off the end-cap display of a mega store! :)

Even though the owner (quan mei) is busy with her schoolwork, she still continues to provide good services and ensure that the customized totes are done efficiently. Moreover, she will also continues to provide new and happy collections for happy customers like us! Will continue to support sketch-a-tote!! <3

With love
Forever fan of sketch-a-tote! <3


Nur Fadzlyana said...

I hope to win this giveaway because I want a tote bag real badly, a tote bag with nice designs. I think 'sketch a tote' designs are nice.
If I win this giveaway, I will give one to my bestfriend.
I couldn't get anything for a her birthday this year. If I win this giveaway, I think it would be a great belated present.
I really hope to win this.

I forget to put my email in the prev comment.
My email:

Fatin Musfirah said...

Hello there! :)

When I first saw sketch-a-tote instagram, I was like "wow. This is so damn cute! I got to follow this shop!"

Your cute and unique design really attracts me. What attracts me more, I could even customise my own design and still get it at a affordable price. How awesome is that!
I would definitely customise a bag for my friends soon.
This is just plain awesome.

To add on, sketch-a-tote is handmade. I'm totally a big fan of handmade items because to me, handmade items are more meaningful because you did it out of your own hard work. At the end of the day, you might have the same design, but when it is handmade, every piece is unique in it's own way. Each piece is made with full love, hard work, passion and every little things to get things ready for the new owner of the bag. I'm really impress with sketch-a-tote.

I myself do handmade items, but I have yet to venture out to doing handmade tote bags.

Keep on spreading your love by doing totes. I'll always be a fan of sketch-a-tote.

-Fatin Musfirah-


Michelle Ang said...

LIKED & SHARED & FOLLOWED!! <3 I love sketch-a-tote as it provide very pretty design and also affordable price range. I also like your handmade design which give it more special and unique to other tote! :)

Michelle Ang said...

Sorry miss up the email add.!!