Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Awfully Awesome at Awfully Chocolate

| Super stacked Chocolate cake | 
(The one in the background) Really chocolatey, love it!

| White Chocolate Creme Brulee Tart |
My favourite out of all of them! The vanilla essence really makes it stand out from the rest of the chocolate desserts. 

| Milk Crepe Cake | 
Don't really fancy this and I thought it tastes like kueh lapis. 

| Rich Chocolate Cupcake |
A little dry and not as "flowy" and "lava-ish" i thought the chocolate would be. 

 | Salted Butterscotch Brownie with a scoop of Chocolate Ice-cream | 
Awesome combination! the salted brownie and the duper rich chocolate (a little of dark chocolate taste) ice-cream simply makes you taste the best of both worlds. Can be a little too sweet though, just be prepared to spam enough water. 

I must admit that I've an extremely sweet tooth and simply adore desserts. Believe or not, I could just eat desserts all day without any proper meal. Unhealthy as it seems, but whatever that makes one happy :) Celebrated Jing Hong's 21st birthday today at Star Vista today over a lunch date and ending it with a round of chocolate spam at Awfully Chocolate. Really thank God for these group of awesome brothers and sisters in Christ. We have known each other since 13, and till now, we are still as close as ever. May we continue to encourage and be there for each other forever ^^

Awfully Chocolate
1 Vista Exchange Green #02-18
The Star Vista, Singapore (138617)
Sun-Thurs: 10am-10pm | Fri-Sat: 10am-11pm 

Till then, Quans

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