Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meat your greens at The Lawn

Came to know about The Lawn, a really special cafe recommended by a few of our friends, so adeline and I went to give it a try! I'm usually not a salad kind of person as too much greens just make it feel really plain and "raw" if you know what I mean. The only kind of salad that I mostly consume would be potato salad. However, The Lawn offers beyond salad, to grills as well. You get to fully customise your own salad, by mixing your favourite greens with the grills and dressing that you like. 

How it goes is this, you choose your base, which is either salad or rice (but who will eat rice with all those random toppings?), choose your grill, choose 5 toppings and end it off with your desired dressing. 

"Meat your greens" as they say; I really like the pun ^^ 

| Grill: Teriyaki Chicken | 
| Toppings: Potatoes, Capsicums, Egg, Brocoli, Pasta |
| Dressing: Red Island | $9.90 

The portion is really huge and it got us really full after completing just half a bowl. And to our surprise, they serve Tiramisu Hero! Have always wanted to give it a try but never had the time to pop down the cafe or to make a delivery/order etc. Aren't we lucky 'cos they had one last serving in the fridge (just for us).

| Nonna Hero $7.50 |Tiramisu in a Jar |
Not a coffee/tiramisu/toffee lover but I actually like this!

Photo taken from The Tiramisu Hero's website

The Lawn 
31 Biopolis Way 
#01-07, Nanos, Singapore (138669)
Mon- Fri: 11.15am-9pm
Sunday: 10-4pm
Nearest MRT Station: Buona Vista

Till then, Quans

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