Friday, November 22, 2013

Channel 8 Preview Screening: The Journey: A Voyage (信。约: 唐山到南洋)

Really honoured to be one of the bloggers who were invited to cover the Private Preview Screening of Channel 8's upcoming blockbuster drama, "The Journey: A voyage", Volume 1 of the Blockbuster Trilogy, last week. Was allowed to bring another partner so I pulled Adeline into the loop. The screening was held at The Joyden Hall, at Bugis Plus, with a cocktail and dinner reception before it.   

 Photo taken from Mediacorp Channel 8's FB  

Photo taken from Mediacorp Channel 8's FB   

The cast (from left): Elvin Ng, Priscelia Chan, Joanne Peh, Chris Tong, Desmond Tan, Terence Cao, Allen Chen 

After the mingling and photo-takings with the casts, we were ushered into the large hall, with VIP seats reserved for us at the front, right in front of the stage. It almost felt like a movie screening. The casts came onto the stage to give us a brief introduction of their roles in the show, as well as their experiences and feelings during the whole shooting process. 

We watched an exclusive footage of the Behind-the-scenes, how the show was being shoot and produced, as well as the first episode. Personally, I was blown away by the shooting process.

As a communication student, as well as a drama addict, I'm always intrigued by what goes behind the screen in order to produce such a scene. I would say that this upcoming show embeds superb cinematography (or at least a great step-up from what local dramas have been offering over the years), which is the art of photography and camerawork in film-making.

They are edited but they look so real! Look at the photos below to get what I mean.

The show started off with a "Titanic-like" scene and it totally felt as though I was watching some Hollywood film in the cinemas. Excellent job on that! Besides the cinematography, heard that the show was filmed in Penang, Ipoh, China and of course Singapore. This explains for the very rich and extensive use of breathtaking and authentic locations, scenery, buildings and backgrounds in the show.

Everything from the costumes, to the locations, to the kind of lighting and even the kind of lines held by the actors and actresses, made the historical element very authentic and aesthetically appealing. Besides all of the above, the actors and actresses' acting skills have really improved as well. Feeling rather proud for Mediacorp, seeing how far they have progressed in these 50 years of TV.

Being rather different from the typical kind of 7pm and 9pm drama serials you see on Channel 8, The Journey provides a drama enriched with historical experiences, yet in a refreshing manner through the tension and drama of the plot itself.

Was asked to be interviewed after the screening, on my take of the show, to be made into a publicity trailer to be aired on either the TV channels or on their FB page (so do look out for it). 

Thank you Mediacorp Channel 8 for the invite once again! Remember to catch The Journey: A Voyage next Monday (Although a part of me is slowly dying because 'Disclosed' is ending, I shall embrace this upcoming show with love all the same)! 

The Journey: A Voyage
Channel 8 Mon-Fri, 9pm
25 November'13 onwards 

Written in partnership with Mediacorp Singapore. 

Till then, Quans

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