Thursday, November 14, 2013

Travelogue: Photo Journal of Wales, United Kingdom | Part 1

I immediately fell in love with this place and never wanted to come back ever again.

One year ago, in July 2012, I went to Wales, United Kingdom, together with The NUSChoir for a competition: Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2012. It was a packed and exciting nine days for all of us. We competed, we bonded, we share beautiful memories that were to be kept beyond endless time. 

This was the beautiful university hostel that we stayed in. Now I understand why everyone has been saying how beautiful overseas universities are. And to top it off, we each get our own room which comes with a bathroom as well. Not to mention the fresh breakfast that was prepared for us daily at the university canteen.

Love this group of girls and definitely missing our awesome time in our own pantry!

Just a sneak peak into the competition venue, which is situated further inside a small town. I really adore the hype at the competition venue. The competitions is held in conjunction with a carnival, where there's performances, food, stalls selling souvenirs and sorts of cool items!

Our (huge) competition tent and also us on stage during our competition. We participated in three categories: Youth, Folk-song and Open-mixed and emerged as the Champions for all three categories. Hence, we were qualified to compete in the "Choir of the World" Finale as one of the top 5 Choirs of the Competition. Felt really proud of The NUSChoir and honoured to be part of this beautiful experience.

While waiting in the waiting room for our call-time, many other choirs wanted to take photos with us. Probably due to the fact that we are almost the only Asian choir there. It was indeed quite hilarious to realise that most of them have no idea where or what is Singapore, and when they go "Oh, Singapore...", you know that that they really have no idea. However, it is really heartening to hear them say how good we sound and how they loved our songs :') So glad to have brought Singapore overseas! Also, we met a Strait's Times reporter at the competition and was interviewed by her. She was there to cover the event and had no idea that a Singapore choir was participating in it.

You must be wondering about the multi-racial costumes. For the opening ceremony of the competition, each choir was supposed to turn up in their country's ethnic costume, so in the end we could only pull it off by wearing the three main ethnic costumes.

An owl exhibition at the carnival and we get to hold them. This is our first time having such interactions with an owl, an animal that is not really common in Singapore unless you are talking about the night safari. Although it looked really stiff and fake, I still find it adorable ^^

Awesome raison scones which were made freshly on the spot. They taste delicious and only for a price of S$2.

Shall end of this travelogue with a photo of us parading our trophy when we were announced as the champion of the Open-mixed Category.

Here's one of my favourite song from the competition. Feel free to browse through our YouTube channel for more competition videos!

To many more beautiful experience with you, The NUSChoir.

Beautiful times like this make me feel hopeful again whenever I look back. 

Till then, Quans

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