Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blessed Christmas!


Blessed Christmas everyone! :) Spent the past two days caroling with The NUSChoir at PasarBella and Conrad Hotel respectively. Nothing feels more like Christmas than old Christmas carols and hymns that make your hearts go fuzzy and cozy. 

Christmas is finally here and time to spend some time at home watching some movies, drawing some totes! Personally, I rather stay home with some simple activities to spend Christmas with, than to head down to town and be squeezed by the horrible crowd. 

Celebrated Christmas in Church on Saturday night and took some photos with the loveliest and closest group of people. The reason why our friendships are strong is because of God's love for us! We love because He first loved us. 25 December became an even more meaningful date for me, ever since I was baptised two years back on this very same day. Till now, it serves as a great reminder of the sacrificial love behind Christmas. May everyone be blessed this Christmas and appreciate and enjoy the company of your loved ones! 

Till then, Quans

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