Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Do you hear the people sing?" Christmas Concert by The NUSChoir

Haven't been updating much due to (really really) busy schedules these few weeks, rushing orders, preparing for Christmas concert, caroling, church camp and church Christmas celebration. Finally, it is 3 more days to Christmas. This year seemed to be exceptionally packed and busy for me, mostly due to rushing customisations orders to be sent out before Christmas and as well as the concert! 

Had the Christmas concert with The NUSChoir on Friday night and it consisted of Christmas songs in the first half and a medley of songs from Les Miserables musical in the second half of the concert. It was really an enjoyable and fun experience for me as it is my first time being in a "musical". Feeling a little sad at how time flies. This is most probably my last concert together with The NUSChoir as an undergraduate and although I can still join them even after graduation, the feeling of studying and singing with the group of lovely people is just different. Singing has always been an important element part of my life, considering that I've been in choir ever since Primary school #loyalchorister :p As for now, I'm just very looking forward to our overseas competition next year in Latvia, in the World Choir Games 2014! We are so going to own it. 

Really thankful for friends who are very supportive and came down to share the music with us on Friday night! Hope that it was an enjoyable night for you all! Thank you so much for the really lovely flowers too :) 


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Till then, Quans

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