Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Fruity Pebbles Yogurt Tart

Home-fixed DIY snacks on a rainy day: 
Egg tart crust, Blueberry yogurt, Fruity pebbles cereal, Banana slices

It was pouring so heavily yesterday afternoon and I needed something to keep me from dozing off in that cozy and sleepy ambiance so have decided to fix some comfort food.

Nothing could really express my excitement today. Finally, the much hated finals are over. Time to bid goodbye to Year 3 Semester 1. Although the thought of having to graduate soon still daunts me, I shall have my fair share of rest and fun for now. The first thing I did after the last paper was to stock up on Sketch-a-Tote supplies (Yes, workaholic me). Wandered around town a bit, grabbed a few magazines from Kinokuniya and to did a little shopping before heading back home. Excitement is within me 'cos I can finally spend all my time on Sketch-a-Tote without feeling a tiny bit of guiltiness. Will be starting on Christmas customised orders tomorrow (Can't believe the huge amount of orders I've received) as well as preparing for Saturday's shoot (new collection coming up next week). 

My mantra for now will be: Live love laugh, till happier days. 

Till then, Quans 

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