Tuesday, December 10, 2013



It's the time of the year again where it starts pouring every single day. Days like these really do make us treasure the sunny Singapore more. Finally had the chance to meet the sun and wear my new shoes out. I love how it gives a little wooden wedge but yet feels pretty much like any other pumps or flats. Really 100% comfortable as there are padded on the inside which makes it really comfortable for walking (and even running, tried and tested). One last thing that I'm extremely happy about is that the straps are made of genuine leather, which means that they will not snap like most of my cheap sandals would after a few months. 

Just this week itself, I've already bought 4 pairs of shoes, can you believe it? Usually, I don't really buy shoes much as it is really difficult to find a nice shoe design in my feet size #woesofhavingbigfeet :( That being said, every now and then when I see nice shoes which has my size, chances are that I will buy them and "stock" them up for rainy days. 

Till then, Quans 

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