Monday, December 02, 2013

#skinnymenu at Skinny Pizza

What's there not to love about Pizzas?

| Truffle Fries $8 |

Not as brilliant as I thought it would be as it tastes almost like normal Mcdonalds' fries. First time trying out truffle fries and a little disappointed with how it looks and tastes. A little too dry and hard for my liking.

| Sweet Potato Nibblets $7 |

Sweet Potato fans would definitely love this as much as I did.

| Smoked Turkey Swiss $26 |
Smoked Turkey Ham, with cheese, blueberry and onions 

At first glance, the thought of having blueberry on a pizza sounds pretty strange. But, it turned out to be really taste-enlightening and refreshing! I especially like the combination of the ham and the blueberry. However, I still prefer pizzas with thicker bread crusts. For those who likes skinnier crusts that are crispy like biscuits, you would enjoy it a lot.

| Smoked Salmon |

Not really sure of the actual name and price as it wasn't on the menu. Guess it was a new flavour that they are launching. I prefer this over the smoked turkey one as this pizza has the best combination ever! What's there not to like about Salmon and a dab of wasabi sauce on your pizza? The salmon is fresh and the wasabi makes it even more refreshing, but don't worry, the wasabi is not too choking. Definitely worth the try, so you could try your luck at their outlets!

Skinny Pizza Wheelock
501 Orchard Road #03-04
Wheelock Place, Singapore (238880) 
Daily: 11am-10pm 

Till then, Quans

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