Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dulcet & Studio

Probably one of my last food hop before school officially starts on Monday. Finally, Khim geok and Jia'en are back from their exchange! We wanted to try some local delights for a change, since they haven't been eating them for six months, so we went Songfa Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay for lunch, followed by some lovely desserts at Liang Court, which is just down the riverside. If you want some decent Japanese food, head over to Liang Court. The shopping mall is fairly catered to the Japanese population in Singapore so you would find the Japanese food and services there a little more authentic. Check out the Japanese Hypermarket at the basement too if you like those Japanese biscuits and crepes, some of which are even exclusive. 

Just at the corner of the shopping mall, lies a dainty little cafe called Dulcet & Studio. What I really like about this cafe is that it is rather big and spacious. It is definitely a cafe where you can chill with your friends on a weekday afternoon while watching the world goes by. The atmosphere and decor of the cafe makes me really comfortable and at home. I'm definitely going back there to do some work probably, when school starts. 

They have main dishes as well, such as fish n chips etc, but their desserts are really worth going for! :)

| Blueberry Pie $5 |
My favourite! I love how they place the cream cheese on the soft and flaky tart (like those of an Portuguese egg tart). The blue berries are really fresh as you can probably see from the picture. Awesome combination I would say. It's like having the best of all worlds just in one tart. 

| Matcha Green Tea Short Cake $6 |
Not really a fan of green tea (actually tea and coffee), but I find this still bearable since it is a cake and it is rather sweet. So if you are a green tea lover, yet a sweet tooth, probably you would like this. If not, don't worry, the green tea taste isn't that overbearing. 

| Strawberry Short Cake $6.50 |
Can I just profess my love for Strawberry short cakes in general? The pastry chef who invented them must be genius. You should definitely give this a try if you are a strawberry short cake lover like me. The sponge cake is really soft and fluffy. Together with the cream and strawberry pressed in the middle, it is just heavenly. One great thing about their cakes is that all the fruits are very fresh, so definitely a bonus point.

On top of the desserts, we were given three complimentary hot drinks, so we tried Garden tea and English Breakfast tea. Though not a tea drinker, I must admit that their tea is really good. I especially like the Garden tea as it includes many kinds of flowers and tea leaves' aroma. 

The Stroop-waffles and chocolates that Jia'en brought back from Europe! Super delicious!

We did a little gift-exchange! Look at them, beaming from ear to ear with their new Sketch-a-Tote pouch! :)

Thanks girls for the thoughtful gifts!

Really love this bunch of girls! It seemed almost yesterday when we were in Secondary school. Now looking back, they are indeed beautiful memories that I will keep with me always. To many more years of friendship! :)

Dulcet and Studio 
177 River Valley Rd, #01-41-42 Liang Court, Singapore (179030)
Sun: 10am-9.30pm | Mon-Thurs: 11am-10pm | Fri: 11am-11pm | Sat: 10am-11pm | 
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay

Till then, Quans 

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