Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hearty Breakfast

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I was feeling really adventurous these few days, getting really excited over fixing some cool food at home. This was kind of Tumblr-inspired and had decided to give it a try, although the end result didn't really turn out the way I had expected it to. Partly due to me being really impatient with the egg yolk and decided to flip it over even before it is properly cooked (meh). 

Nevertheless, I'm happy with my hearty breakfast (pun intended). I'm usually quite a late-waker so early mornings aren't really my thing, but once I'm awake, I get really refreshed and excited for the rest of the day.  I secretly like the feeling of waking up really early in the morning once in a while, to stretch my arms and body in front of the window, breathing in the chilly cold morning air and hearing the morning birds chirp. Mornings like these are to be treasured.

Till then, Quans 

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