Monday, January 13, 2014


Houndstooth Top | Flea 
Checkered Paperbag Shorts | Uniqlo 
Pastel Yellow Keds | Rockstar by Soon Lee
Canvas Tote | Sketch-a-Tote
Circular Shades | Space Invasion
Watch | Bangkok

Before my last semester in school officially starts tomorrow, let me update the blog for one last time before I get real busy! Thankfully, this week will only be lectures and seminars, no tutorials yet. Kind of looking forward to school once again, especially when it is the last semester. Feeling a little excited and nervous as usual, but definitely looking forward to the modules that I'm taking this semester because they are all something that I like or can relate to! :) On a bright note as well, I'm extremely thankful for a three-day week, especially when four of my modules are full CA assessments, which means lots of projects, essays, assignments during the semester. I can do it! Spent today drawing more totes, trying to clear as many customised orders as possible before school starts tomorrow! Hope your Monday has been good too! 

Till then, Quans

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