Thursday, January 02, 2014

Notre Dame De Paris Musical on New Year Eve

Spent New Year Eve watching my FIRST musical at MBS: Notre Dame de Paris. Watched it with Kenneth after our dinner at TWG. 

| Caribbean Crepe $14 |
Banana crepe with chocolate sauce #diehardfanofbanana

| Orient Prawn Salad $24 |

Notre Dame de Paris is from the author of Les Miserables and it was supposed to end way before but because it was so good, they extended the show for a few more days! We were really lucky that they have extended the show! :) 

It is the love story of Quasimodo the Hunchback of Notre Dame, for a beautiful gypsy Esmeralda, who is the object of the desire of the Priest Frollo and the Soldier Phoebus and a romantic poet. Sounds pretty complicated I know, so basically it is about how four characters fell for this beautiful woman and how they fought it out. I would say that the experience was great. Their acting, dance, singing are fabulously fabulous! Now, I'm just wishing that Les Miserables would come to Singapore soon too. I'm sure it will be ten times better! 

Didn't stay out to countdown as I wasn't feeling that well. Reached home at 12am sharp and was happy to be greeted by Wang Lee Hom the minute I switched on the television. So excited that Adeline and I started taking photos and videos of him and fangirling over whatsapp. Yes, the crazy things we do on New Year Eve. He is super cute, really, and his mandarin is funnily cute haha.

That's the amazing thing about counting down at home in front of the television. You get to zoom in your cameras and get a full screen size of the view ^^ instead of squeezing with the crowd, trying to get a perfect view with no heads blocking.

With that, 2013 ends. Feeling a little surreal but the fact that a year has passed still shocks me. I will be back very soon in the next post with a proper reflection for 2013.

Till then, Quans

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