Monday, January 06, 2014

Psalmists Thanksgiving dinner

A little overdue but almost forgot to update about The Psalmists' thanksgiving dinner last year on 27th December. Have been playing with The Psalmists' (my church band) since I was 14 years old and till now, we have expanded a little and grown closer through music playing. Really thankful that we could grow together in Christ and may the music that we make glorify God in every single way. May we truly improve year after year, so that we could bring ourselves and others closer to Him during praise and worships. 

A few of us met up earlier in the afternoon to grab ingredients from NTUC before heading to Isaac's house to prepare the food. You know how pot lucks always fails 'cos everyone just ends up buying food from outside. We were glad that ours didn't turn out that way. It is really heartwarming to prepare and enjoy the food together. 

Spaghetti with bacon and mushrooms

Air-fried hot-dogs and nuggets 

Adeline with our Chicken Campbell soup (added additional chicken cubes inside too)

Pasta Salad

Honey-roasted Chicken & Black-pepper Chicken 

Air-fried Fish balls with bacons (looks a little like Tako balls hehe)

Edamame peas (My all-time favourite!)

Curry Chicken prepared by Isaac 

Celebrated Wanxuan's exact birthday too and although the surprise was really fail, glad that she enjoyed the celebration! :) 

Since it was just a few days after Christmas, I decided to draw a little something for the band. Customised "The Psalmists" 's Mama-string pouch! Yaye, may we continue to use the music talents that we are gifted with to glorify Him! 

Music that doesn't come right from your heart and soul is not music at all. You've got to feel it, enjoy it, spread it. 

Till then, Quans

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