Monday, February 24, 2014

Channel U Private screening: SCRUM! 冲锋!

Many of you would have already known from my instagram that I attended a preview screening on Thursday for Channel U's new drama called SCRUM! 冲锋 at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel. 

Was really looking forward to it as I've heard and seen many trailers on TV and it seems pretty much like those Taiwan idol dramas where they explore campus-life etc. I personally have a liking for campus-themed dramas as school days always makes up the fondest memories.

Jeff from Y.E.S 933 was our host for the night 

Felicia chin, the rugby coach in the drama, steps onto stage. 

The main casts of the drama (from left): 
Felicia Chin, Chris Lee (from Taiwan), Jeffery Xu, Allen Chen (from Taiwan), Jae Liew, Carrie Wong

and the Rugby boys

The theme song of the drama is sung by Jeffery and somehow, he exudes the cheeky and charismatic aura whenever he is on stage :) P.s his fans were crazily enthusiastic during the screening. 

I must admit that although Channel U seldom produce local drama serials like Channel 8 does, but once they do, you had better be watching. The plot is refreshing as you get a mixture of something that we often don't see in local productions, such as rugby revolving around polytechnic life. I can foresee myself chasing after this drama as a way to laugh off all the burdens from school. The drama is extremely entertaining and funny that we were all laughing throughout the screening, partly due to the way the actors act; their expressions, lines etc. 

The show is about a team of passionate rugby players who perseveres through every competition despite their failure year after year. Some of them have given up on their dreams and have lost faith and drive in rugby as well as life. Their path to victory as a team could only finally happen when an experienced yet extremely unreasonable and hot-tempered Coach played by Felicia Chin, appears. 

There was a short games session after the screening where four fans got to play a jigsaw puzzle game with the casts. It was Felicia's team against Chris's team and the latter won despite starting later. 

Thank you Channel U for the kind invitation and the short interview at the end of the screening. Pardon my awkward facial expressions. I guess I really have to get use to staring into bright lights and speaking into microphones more. (Picture taken from instagram

Here's a photo of my first interview from 'The Journey: A Voyage' Private screening last year. 

SCRUM! 冲锋! 
From 26 February 2014
Every Wednesdays-Fridays, 8pm 

Written in partnership with Mediacorp Singapore.

Till then, Quans


Anonymous said...

You got Allen Chen and Chris Lee mixed up!

Quan Mei said...

Ah thanks for informing! :)