Sunday, February 09, 2014

Valentines' Day Collection Sketchbook + Behind the Scenes

It has indeed been a really long time since the last collection which was in early December. Decided to churn out a Valentines' Day special collection since valentines' day and friendship day is a meaningful occasion for many, for the expression of their love and appreciation for their loved ones outwardly especially.

Decided to name the collection "More than Love" as 14 February is indeed more than just love. It is all about companionship, friendship, kinship and any sorts of relationships that you can think of. Many times, we tend to stereotype Valentines' Day for just couples. However, love is more than what's between a couple. A simple act of love can happen anywhere and to anyone. As we celebrate 14 February, let's not forget that everyday should be an extension of Valentines' Day. Carry out actions and words of love every single day. 

Had the photoshoot in NUS, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music school, an extremely beautiful and elegant place. Didn't take much behind the scenes photo, but here are some candid shots which I like a lot. Adeline captioned the first photo to be "Models' suffering from poor welfare. We look pained and distraught!!

This is how it looks like behind the  "toilet signs" tote bags shot. Didn't wanted to show their faces in the photos as I didn't want the photos to turn out being misleading, as advocating lesbianism or something haha. 

Here are some of my favourite shots! Do look out for the full sketchbook on FB :)

Launched on Sketch-a-Tote's Website :) 

Have a great week ahead and hopefully more collections to come your way (to the best of my ability) :) 

Till then, 

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