Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 things we will miss about KAP

As we count down to the closure (16 March 2359 hours) of King Albert Park (KAP) and bid farewell to the especially iconic McDonalds, memories from our childhood and schooling days could only remain in our minds and hearts. No longer will there be a physical place for us to relieve those precious memories.

Here are probably ten of the things that we would miss about KAP.

1. Mugging Heaven 

Those were the days when hanging out at KAP to mug (overnight) is the in-thing. It just sounds really cool to be mugging with a group of friends at KAP, chionging ten-year-series (TYS) and exam papers. Not sure if those mugging were really useful, since mugging refers to (most of the time), studying while talking and eating. But we do it anyway. I prefer mugging alone though, since it proves to be a little more productive. KAP muggers would also face difficulties such as being chased away for studying during peak hours or on weekends.

2. After-school Hangout Place 

KAP is situated at such an apt location that there are countless schools nearby (Hwa Chong, Nanyang Girls' High, MGS, Ngee Ann Poly etc). I used to mug at KAP quite often during my Secondary and JC days and whenever it hits 2pm, 6pm or 10pm, I start to dread the place as students will start streaming in after their lessons or CCA at night. Eventually, it gets crowded and unproductive and no longer conducive (although Macs isn't really a conducive place to begin with).

3. Breakfast Heaven

Especially true for the 'westies' or people living in Bukit Timah, since it is located right at the centre of Bukit Timah road. Breakfast queues are the longest on weekends, where you see groups of families flocking in just to get their hands on those pancakes, eggs and Mc-muffins.

4. Supper Heaven

Feeling hungry late at night? No problem, just head down to Macs. P.s This photo was taken during our late night drive to KAP during a sleepover session for some supper-fix. We decided to rock KAP in our PJs just because we are cool like that (#yolo).

5. 24/7 Drive-Through Heaven

I experienced my first McDonalds drive-through at KAP and it felt so good. Feeling like a boss, you simply drive through, order, and you get your food in minutes, without getting down the car. How convenient! It being 24/7 doubles the convenience you get.

6. 24/7 Grocery Shopping Heaven

(We just love to crash places in our PJs) I love getting food (sushi especially) from Cold storage and sneaking them into Macs during mugging sessions. It's like a private picnic session in the midst of studying.

7. Birthday Memories
My friends and I usually celebrate each other's birthdays at KAP Macs, especially after school. I even wanted to hold my 21st Birthday party at KAP's party room but sadly, the party room was torn down before I turned 21.

8. Ice-cream Therapy 
On top of getting our fifty-cents vanilla ice-cream cone, Mc-flurry or sundae, you can easily get ice-cream and waffles from Island Creamery! If you like none of those above, you can always count on Cold Storage.

9. Iconic Stairways to Heaven

Snap a photo with Ronald McDonalds and his friends! I'm sure many of you have taken photos here with your family and friends.

10. Friendships forged at KAP 

KAP might be gone but the friendships forged there and precious memories stay deeply rooted in us.
Buildings come and go, but our memories remain forever.

Till then, Quans

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