Sunday, March 30, 2014

Highlights of I-Light Marina Bay

Visited i-Light Marina Bay last weekend and it is one the most magical and breathtaking sight in Singapore in many years. With the intelligent use of lighting and innovative ideas, i-Light is Asia's only sustainable light art festival. The theme for the exhibition is Light+heART, where 28 art installations from all over the world were showcased. The art installations use recyclable materials and also energy-conserving lighting technologies. The entire stretch along Marina Bay waterfront was transformed into a magical arena filed with life, light and colours.

Here are some of my favourite highlights. 

Digital Wattle 
Representing a row of flowers gently swaying in the wind with slowly changing colours, symbolising a new mix of cultures in the city. 

The cloud invites strangers to gather under the bright and dazzling rain-cloud to play. By pulling the strings that were attached to a switch, you could trigger a light-bulb and make a significant change. The magic of the cloud comes with multiple strangers work together as one. 

Giant Dandelion 
Made from almost 9,000 recycled water bottles, the field of giant dandelions brings hope to the people and relives their childhood memories of running through a meadow of dandelions. Those carefree and trouble-less days that everyone yearns to go back to.

1.26 Singapore
Singapore's version of northern lights? These nets hang above the floating platform as different lights cast upon them to create a "wavy" and "flowy" effect of the wind blowing colours across the land. 

Pasarbella and Friends go to Town 
Having been to Pasarbella for quite a few times, I am always intrigued by the experience it provides. This time round, Pasarbella is being brought out into the city, situated right outside Marina Bay Sands, along Marina Waterfront. I quite like the idea of this outdoor-night-life experience, eating and chilling under the moonlight while enjoying the band gigs. 

For once, Singapore felt alive and bustling with life and energy. Thank you for that, i-Light Marina Bay. Singapore needs more of this. We are not a boring town.

Till then, Quanss

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