Sunday, March 02, 2014

Rah-men Burger at Nook D.I.Y House of Pancakes

Have been wanting to give Rah-men Burger a try ever since I've heard its arrival to Nook! The cafe is just a street away from where I live and I finally had the luxury to pop by one afternoon to try it! They are known for the D.I.Y colourful pancakes, but was craving for ramen recently, so decided to try Rah-men burger instead. I kind of like how the interior of the cafe is decorated, especially the grey-scale graphic wallpaper. I might just head back one day to try their brunch menu. 

| Cheese Fries $4 | 

The cheese sauce drizzled over the fries is indeed amazingly done. However, the fries won't so amazing as they were hard and came in short bits. and I would prefer longer and softer fries.  

| Rah-men Burger: Chicken Chop with glaze $7.90 | 

The chicken chop was well-marinated with the sauce. Tasty, succulent and tender. A little disappointed with my rah-men though, since I had expected it to be less hard and more crispy. It was probably over-fried since I've seen a couple of Rah-men burger photos on instagram which didn't look as fried as mine. Nevertheless, it was an interesting combination and would like to try it again one day (hopefully with a crispier one)

Nooks- D.I.Y House of Pancake
Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat, #01-03 Singapore (598123) 
Mon-Fri: 12-10pm | Sat-Sun: 10am-10pm
Nearest MRT Station: Clementi or Bukit Batok 

Till then, Quans

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