Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Travelogue: Port Dickson Thistle Resort, Malaysia

[ My laptop crashed on me recently and it struck me that nothing is constant and lasting (especially technology) so it would be safer for me to treasure these photos and memories online instead #throwbackthreeyears ]

Three years back, in December 2011, I won a two day one night staycation for two at 5-Star Thistle Port Dickson Resort from AlldealsAsia, and so I shared it with one of my close friend from college. It was a pretty long ride to Port Dickson and of course, instead of sleeping the bus ride away, I spent most of my ride looking out of the window, exclaiming at the splendor beauty of nature. Mega love for clear blue skies which paint a backdrop for the layers of floating white clouds. Watching the white clouds drift in the expanse of the sky feels so tranquil and therapeutic. 

This was our lunch at the custom before changing bus to Port Dickson, Claypot Hor Fun and Mee Soto.

Finally, after a seemingly long ride, we reached the Thistle Resort at Port Dickson, situated slightly away from the city, in a quiet area. The interior decoration of the Resort was fascinating, full of artistic elements with a touch of elegance. 

The lobby bar, a perfect place to chill and hang out with fellow friends in the evening. We managed to catch their live performance at the lobby bar in the evening as well. Had a memorable evening chilling at the bar with a glass of cocktail drink, swaying to the soothing music, over-seeing the private swimming pool one level below, relaxing and embracing the night breeze. 

Behold the Resort's private swimming pool. Look at how clear the water is! They have a private Jacuzzi Tub too. 

A day at the resort's private beach is yet another wonderful experience! It's clean and quiet, which makes it such a great place for just an afternoon of relaxation. The copper-brown sand is so fluffy and soft that the minute we step foot on the beach, our feet sank in and I just love the feeling of sand being in between your toes. Everything felt so tranquil at the beach that all you hear is the sound of waves crashing gently onto the shore and the whistling wind against the rattling leaves. I closed my eyes, laid flat on the warm sand and everything felt like a dream, as though I''m out of the reality, into a world without troubles. The experience we had was just beyond description.

[ Beware: A spam of sunset photos begins ]

Evening crept into the resort and slowly shrouded the resort with a warm yellow atmosphere. After a long and warm bath, we popped down to the beach again to witness the beautiful sunset. The sunset view from the beach was simply breath-taking. These are amazingly beautiful creations that no one could fathom or doubt. I feel so blessed to be able to witness this magnificent sunset view. Utterly priceless. 

Definitely a go-to destination for ultimate relaxation. Embracing the little joys in life seems so difficult in the fast-paced and stressful Singapore. They said that travel makes you more aware of yourself, and I totally second that. A great reminder for myself to take things a little slower sometimes.

and here, some bimbotic just-for-laughs moments of us jumping onto our bed.

Till then, Quans

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