Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Staple accessories + Selling Post

Accessories are so important because you can always change the entire outlook of an outfit solely based on the accessories you match it with. The few staple colours you should always have are black, gold, silver, and sometimes brown, if you are going for the more vintage or casual look. These colours match with almost anything, and as you can see, I don't really have coloured-accessories as I very much prefer monochrome colours. Even more wardrobe is filled with black, white, grey, cream and mostly blue. 

I thought I would share some of my collections (and some which I'm selling! Look out for those with "*") :p 


I have a mad love for accessories, especially watches. Whenever I see a pretty and unique piece, the temptation to buy it sets in. These are just some of my watches stash, excluding some which are already sold.

Having a few pair of classic watches is necessary to match up your outfits for the right occasion. If I'm going for the more formal look, I'll usually wear a simple white clock-face, black strap one (my favourite pair pointing at 12-noon). If I'm feeling a little adventurous that day, I would pair my outfit with some fun prints such as the ribbon, global map, porcelain ones, or even the gold-chained ones which scream of attention, adding an edgy element to your outfit. 

Vintage Brown rectangular clock-face watch* ($6) 
Black Watch with round white clock-face 
Black Ribbon watch (large, no more battery)* ($6) 
Black Moustache watch, felt strap (petite)* ($8)

Vintage Brown Strap watch (petite, no more battery)* ($7)
Wanderlust watch 
Classy embellished white watch 
Porcelain watch 

Ribbon Gold Chained Watches (no more battery)* ($7) 
Moustache Gold Chained Watches (no more battery)* ($7) 


Weaved Jewel Bib Necklace 

I've recently scored this pretty necklace which I promise never to let go. These gold-chained jewel necklaces are so in trend now and what I like about this particular pair is that the colour is so neutral that it pairs with almost any colours. I would personally pair it with white or pastel colours to create the dainty and clean look.

Gold Chained Necklace from Lovisa* ($14) SOLD

Silver feather Necklace from Lovisa* ($12)

Gold rose bib Necklace from Lovisa* ($16)

 Minimalist Gold Chained Necklace* ($6) SOLD
Minimalist Silver Chained Necklace* ($6)

 Mutli-layers gold Necklace* ($10)

All prices include free normal postage. To order, do drop me an email at Only selling those with "*" and no enquiries will be entertained. 

If you like my accessories, you may want to check out my page (@quanss) on Carousell for other clothes and accessories that I'm selling. Most of them are brand new and some have been worn once or twice. Hop over to see what you like! :)

Till then, Quans

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