Monday, May 26, 2014

FACo, Fukuoka Asia Collection Fashion Show

FACo is Japan's best entertainment event and it came to Singapore last weekend, in conjunction with BluePrint, Singapore's international fashion exhibition at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

Upon hearing this, I knew that I couldn't give this event a miss and so I headed right down (super impromptu) and it was indeed an eyeopener as it was actually my first fashion show. I was really lucky to grab a front-row seat and so I was able to get nice photos without being blocked. 


Fashion at JRunway is more than what you wear but the very expression of your personality and lifestyle. The presented outfits are part of the latest Spring-Summer collection from a number of trendy street labels from Japan. The outfits are casual with a touch of playfulness and vibrancy, with denim touches and varsity designs incorporated into various playful outfits. 


Mariett's style follows the concept of "Tomboy Style". Most of the designs incorporates a tinge of "boyishness" into the feminine details. For instance, you could see country-girl-like style with checkered design, casual rock style with camouflage print, and American casual style with grungy-style laces. 


Quantize engages mainly in wedding dresses for commercials and artist costumes. Its popularity spreads to even foreign stages such as NY Subway guerrilla show and Paris Fashion Week. Personally, I love how the flamboyant colours complement the black details. The colors make the models look so captivating on the runway as they swish the dress. 

Stone Market

With a slight hipster look, the designs at Stone Market brings out the ruggedness of the clothes through the consistent earth-tone color scheme. With white, brown, olive green and grey as the main colours, the clothes can easily pass off as casual and hipster at the same time. 

Pli Par Pli

Pli Par Pli means pleats in French and it aims to explore the new value of pleats. This is my most favourite collection as I really love how the pleats bring out the femininity of the details and prints. It definitely brings out a victorian vintage feel. 


Azur means 'blue sky' in French and it pursues a wide range from casual to formal clothing, including accessories. The outfits are stunningly filled with happy colours, mainly pastel candy colours. The outfits simply shout out the liveliness of youth, bringing casual wear to a whole new level. 

The finale of the fashion show. All the outfits look pretty, prettier than they are on clothes rack in the shops. That's the beauty of fashion runways I suppose. The significant role of the models is to enhance the beauty of each piece of clothing and to bring them to live.

At the middle and the end of the show, the mask de vocaloid idol, Amihime from Japan, came to perform. Didn't really know who she was but guessed that she might be dressing up as an anime character as there was a group of fan-guys who were cheering and singing along with her. The audience were surprised and amused by the group of guys when they started cheering.

Really enjoyed the entire show a lot and hope to watch more fashion runways in the future. Anyway, it's an item off my bucket list :)

Love, Quans

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