Friday, May 16, 2014

Have a slice of PoTeaTo + Personal Updates

| White Chocolate Cheesecake $7.50 |
topped with fresh berries and biscuit crusts

Ordered a slice because of the 'white chocolate' in the dish name. Looks really good, but tasted too creamy for my liking. The whole slice was filled with cream cheese that I could hardly taste any trace of white chocolate. Not the usual cheesecake I would expect as the cheese was too overwhelming. Felt really guilty after gobbling this down :(

| Sweet Potato Fries $7 |
Thick cut sweet potato fries

My all-time favourite! It comes in a rather full basket portion. Crispy fried sweet potato fries sprinkled with a special seasoning that makes you crave for more. Another place to get good sweet potato fries, is Skinny pizza. Theirs however, is thicker with more 'meat'. I prefer PoTeaTo's version of crispy ones.

Roamed around Tiong Bahru a few weeks ago and I had to return to my favourite cafe for some desserts and chill time. I'm not a very adventurous kid. When I've tried something and liked it, I will keep going back for more. As much as I want to try out other cafes such as Flock cafe, Forty hands etc, I never did. Sigh, time to learn how to be adventurous and step out of my comfort zone.

Personal updates

Have been stuck at home the whole week, all thanks to the sore throat which developed into some flu, phlegm and cough. On the bright side, being forced to stay at home isn't that bad after all. Completed quite a number of Sketch-a-Tote customized orders #feelingaccomplished :)

While working for Sketch-a-Tote, I might be looking for some internships/jobs to enhance my experience so that I can somehow, in the future, end up in my dream job/company (some of you might have already known). Many have been asking, "So, when are you starting work?" or "Have you started finding jobs?" or even "What are your plans now?". I appreciate all the concerns but I would like to take it slow as I see no point in barging into any jobs out there for the sake of it. So I'm not afraid to wait and source for that special position out there. So as for now, I shall enjoy the happy days after graduation.

PoTeaTo Cafe
78 Yong Siak Street #01-18, Singapore (163078)
Tues-Fri: 12pm-10.30pm | Sat: 10am-10.30pm | Sun: 10am-9pm 
Nearest MRT Station: Tiong Bahru 

Till then, Quans

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