Thursday, May 08, 2014

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar | Paris Baguette Cafe

A week ago, I met up with my project mates from a marketing module over dinner to catch-up and to chill before exams finales start (for me). Disclaimer: They all either had no exams or have already finished theirs (sigh). 

The initial plan was to try our the sushi bar at Far East plaza, but it was a little packed and seemed to have quite little variety. Personally not a "raw" eater, so am not a huge fan of sashimi and all sorts of raw sushis in general. Headed to Koh Grill and Sushi Bar instead. My second visit and definitely not going to be the last.  

If you are heading down to Koh Grill, do reach there before 6.30pm as the restaurants gets extremely crowded after that. Reached at 6.10pm and there was practically no queue and food came relatively fast too #cheapthrill :)

| Unagi Omelette $12 |

The first dish to arrive on the table is this tasty plate of omelette topped with unagi and dark sauce. I really like how the skin of the unagi on one side is slightly crispy, in contrast and perfect complement with the soft and warm unagi meat. 

Stir-Fried Tofu (Age Dashi Tofu) 
Made from deep fried silken bean curd  with light dashi-based broth topped with shredded fish and bonito flakes

Lovely lovely dish. In general, I like all things that are crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. It surprises me always to know what's bursting out of the crispy shell. Tofu is really soft and fresh. Together with the sauce and bonito flakes, it feels like eating takoyaki balls. 

Fried Mushrooms with Mayo sauce

This is my favorite too! Super crispy on the outside and really soft mushrooms on the inside. Just look at how huge each mushroom is. 

| Shiok Maki 1st Generation $16.80 |
Eel wrapped with salmon, topped up with mayo and cheese.

I guess I don't really have to elaborate much on this #justlookatthephoto. Posted this photo onto instagram and captioned it "Shiok Maki is shiok". Indeed. 

| Shiok Maki 2nd Generation $16.80 |
Prawn wrapped with salmon, topped up with mayo and cheese

Amusingly, on my first visit, I preferred the 1st generation shiok maki. However, on the second visit, I preferred the 2nd generation shiok maki. Both are generally quite similar, just a difference between prawn or eel. The prawn maki-s are meatier I feel. 

Koh Grill and Sushi Bar
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, #04-21, 435 Orchard Road
Mon-Sun: 11.30am-10.30pm 
Nearest MRT Station: Orchard

Ended our dinner rather early since we started relatively early. Headed down to Paris Baguette for some pastries and pudding! #fatdieme :( We were extremely excited that there's an outlet in Wisma, making cravings so convenient. One thing to love about the cafe is that they treat you like royalty with the decor and the huge, king-sized, luxurious-looking arm-chairs and sofas. Thumbs up to cafes and eateries who pay close attention to the overall decor.

Berry Buttons

Blueberry Muffin

Original Royal Pudding

Apple Pastry

Paris Baguette Cafe 
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, #02-48-53
435 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT Station: Orchard 

Love, Quans

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